May 8, 2016

My Dream Gadget

I read an article about dream gadgets a while ago, and was struck by how little I wanted anything it described.

So I thought a bit about what I’d have to say about my dream gadget. And I realized that what I dream about mostly is a gadget works pretty much exactly like my smartphone today. But it gets enough battery life that I only have to plug it in every few weeks or so, if ever. And the screen is transflective with a beautiful flat matte finish, equally usable in complete darkness and bright sunlight. And it connects to this network or that network without telling me, but somehow always stays connected. And I never ever ever have to type a password on it, yet somehow still don’t have to worry about the security risk of losing it. And all the digital movies, tv shows, books, and music I’ve ever bought or have access to are accessible on this device, and I don’t have to remember which ones are in which app. And all of the notifications are relevant and interesting, sensitive to context in the same way I am. And it always knows exactly how loud an interruption I want for whatever it is.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. What’s so innovative about this device? Nothing. Maybe it’s just my lack of imagination, but I’m not dreaming about fabulous new things. I’m dreaming about the things I already have working well.

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